Becoming A Homeowner
At Paulding Homes

Use this form to renew your paid account, or to upgrade from a free account via PAYPAL. See below if you wish to pay by check.
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A 40 MB $10/qtr. $35/yr.
B 100 MB $20/qtr. $70/yr.
C 200 MB $30/qtr. $105/yr.
D 400 MB $40/qtr. $140/yr.
E 800 MB $50/qtr. $175/yr.
F 1600 MB $60/qtr. $210/yr.
G 3200 MB $70/qtr. $240/yr.
We also welcome payments by check or money order.

Mail your payment to:
Arbor Domains & Hosting
19 Shea Way, Suite 306
Newark, DE 19713

***IMPORTANT*** Please be sure to include your email address, account name, neighborhood, and desired plan along with your payment!