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Adult Content

  • What's allowed in the Adult Content area?
  • Why an Adult Content area?
  • What about protecting children?

    What's allowed in the Adult Content area?
    It's easier to say what isn't.

    By law, you aren't to publish child pornography. The law defines that as pictures. We are a little less tolerant; we don't want text either.

    By law, you aren't to publish bestiality pictures either. We kinda figure rishathra with an unwilling animal carries its own punishment <grin> and we'd appreciate it if you didn't publish text either, as it might lead the foolish into dangerous territory.

    We are also intolerant of rape, feederism and abuse. (If you don't know the difference between BDSM and abuse, please don't post either on your site. In BDSM, the top appears to be in charge; but in fact, the bottom controls the action.)

    Why an Adult Content area?
    Most of us were born naked. Sensuality is one of God's greatest gifts to mankind.

    But some people are uncomfortable with nudity and sensuality, so by using a fairly obvious neighborhood name, we give them an opportunity to avoid being, uh, well, avoid this neighborhood.

    What about protecting children?
    The law requires that commercial sites maintain some sort of access control to keep kids out. We recognize that commercial pornography is quite legal, but our adult content neighborhoods aren't zoned for commercial pornography - they are strictly for amateurs.

    If you want to set up a commercial site, you should be aware that online porn isn't the easy money that it once was. It's a highly competitive business and only the best businesspeople make much money. However, rather than have you attempt to set up a site here, we will assist you in finding suitable hosting elsewhere. (It's more than finding someone who is willing to host you; it's also finding someone whose server isn't going to collapse under the demands of such traffic.)

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