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How can I use the jumpbox in Paulding Homes?

There are two steps. First, you need to create a box file. This is simple a file with a name that ends in .box. You can have as many box files as you wish - tom.box, dick.box, and harry.box are all OK to use.

Your .box file should have the different destinations you want the user to jump to, one destination per line. For instance, test.box could contain


Next, you need to put the jumpbox code in your page.

The code looks like this:

<form action="http://pdhomes.net/html/paulding/test.box" method="get">
<select name="jump">
<option value="1">vsource
<option value="3">about
<option value="2">viewpdf
<input type="submit">

and to users, it looks like this:

Notice that the values for the different options correspond to the line number in test.box, and that you can use the same jumpbox in different HTML pages and vary the order in which they are presented to your site visitors.

If you have a blank line in your .box file, it still counts as a line. Sending someone to a destination that's a blank line is, as you might expect, not going to work too well.

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