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What is your position on copyrights?

Under US law, and the law of most countries, you have copyright in anything you create, as soon as it is created in a fixed form.

By putting your copyrighted property on your website, you are granting us a limited license to reproduce what you create. That is, after all, what web hosting is. When we talk of people "visiting" a website, it doesn't really happen. Rather, the files needed to build a page are downloaded into the user's browser, where the instructions within are used to build pages.

You can terminate our license to display those pages by removing the files from our server.

In addition to the copyright you have to the files on your site, we claim a "Compilation Copyright" on your files. This does not restrict any of your rights in any way. It does give us the right to sue someone who, without permission of the copyright owners, infringes the copyright of multiple users at Paulding Homes.

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